Friday, June 25, 2010

Good trip

Yesterday I had a good trip to Las Vegas; my definition of 'good' is when you find what you need and don't get creamed by some idiot.  I took the truck to cart my purchases home; it's really pretty comfortable to drive but parking is always a pain.  The turning radius must be just short of 50 ft (maybe 15m), add in the length of the vehicle, which is almost 25 ft (duh, 7.5m), and it's just not a parking lot friendly vehicle.  Usually I park about as far away from the stores as I can and take two space; that way I'm not sticking out in the travel lane.  Sorry about the whine!

Anyway, at 08:00 this morning it is warm enough outside that I closed up the house.  The weather forecast is for the high to be 101F (37C); pretty normal for this time of year.   We are planning to leave for a month just after the 4th of July and are looking forward to being in more temperate weather.  It's another trip to the Pacific Northwest but this time we are hoping to trickle back down the Oregon Coast.  It's a lovely part of the world and should re-charge the old batteries a bit.  Hell, I might even take a photo or two!

Someone opened a Japanese restaurant here a couple weeks ago so we had to try it last night.  The sushi was kind of different from other that we've had but was at least good quality stuff.  I had a more Americanized chicken dish; it was a bit overdone but otherwise ok.  It took way too long to come but I hope they will fix that.  There are two reasons for hope:  they were very busy last night and they've only been open a short while.  Presumably the kitchen will get faster and the crowd will be smaller after they've been here a while.  We live in hope.

Take care.

"And I will show of male and female that either is but the equal of the other."  Walt Whitman

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Unknown said...

Yep, it is that time of the year again. Temperature here is right at 105 today - and unfortunately, I'm not going to balmier climes for July.