Friday, June 11, 2010

Weather or not....

Well, it was 66F (19C) this a.m. when I got up; 102F (39C) about 36 hours earlier.  Needless to say we have wind; 20ish mph (maybe 40kph) with gusts to 45 (70kph).  Love it.  At least we get a couple cool days out of the deal.

Our primary elections are over and I'm fairly happy with the results though we can probably still find a way to screw things up in November.  The Sheriff, who seems honest enough, was re-elected easily.  The District Attorney got 404 votes out of over 7200 cast - obviously him wrecking both his county car and his personal car in one day didn't go over well with the electorate.  There is also the small matter of an audit in a cash fund that found the county unknowingly paying for cheerleader outfits for the high school - just so happens his daughter was a cheerleader at the time.  Otherwise, a couple of people with criminal records managed to get elected but since that isn't a requirement.....  What can you say?  Interesting question:  should the leaders of our community be required to be - I don't know the term - non-felons?  Or is non-major-misdemeanor enough?  Or should we require never-been-found-guilty?  I think I prefer the last.

Well, gotta go. 

"Under every stone lurks a politician." Aristophanes

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AiringMyLaundry said...

If you want more cool days come to Wyoming. Tomorrow our high is like 48.