Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Primary Election Time

The primary election is over.  The Republicans and Democrats have their candidates for the election in November.  Here in the valley I'm not sure there was a lot of change.  In the state Senate race there was a pretty interesting result.

To quote from Time (via Yahoo):  "Reid couldn't have asked for a better candidate in Angle than if he'd picked her himself: the former State representative is a ultra-conservative who supports phasing out Social Security and Medicare; wants to abolish the EPA, and the Department of Energy and Education; and most recently got into trouble for supporting a prisoner drug rehab program that included massages." 

You gotta wonder what this country is doing.  On one hand you hear how much people want to change things in Washington, 'throw them all out'.  Then you have some nutbag elected to face Harry Reid, the incumbent.  Give me a break people.  Apparently the voters have lost their minds; well at least the Republicans who all loved President Bush.  Maybe I should be happy; this gives Harry a great chance.

Perhaps I should elaborate.  Wikipedia tells us that in 2000 Las Vegas had almost 1.4 million of the 2 million people in Nevada.  The numbers have probably grown but the proportion hasn't changed much.  The people out in the rural areas might be Republican (they certainly are here!) but Las Vegas is where the action is.  Harry Reid isn't stupid so he comes out here to ask for our vote but it is really Las Vegas where the election is won or lost.  And Las Vegas is Democratic.

In other news, I took our truck in to Las Vegas to have the oil changed yesterday.  It took 2.5 HOURS!!!  Not that I was expecting anything else since I've been there before.  Gotta find another dealer and see what they can do.  I really like using the dealer while the vehicle is under warranty (just don't want to argue with some idiot about what was done or wasn't done) BUT this is totally stupid.  I'm going to write to the service manager and unless they come up with something really special, it's the last time for Gauden Ford. 

Summer is here; Vegas had a 110F (43C) day already but this weekend is supposed to be better like 85F (29C); a welcome break.  But we all know it's coming; do you hear the theme from 'Jaws' in the background?  We are now about three and a half weeks from heading north for a while.  We'll visit relatives then trickle back down the Pacific coast for a couple weeks.  Should be cool and refreshing to be so near the ocean for a while. 

Have a good one.

"Liberty of thought is the life of the soul." --Voltaire


JoeinVegas said...

Ah, but what about your DA race and all the fun stuff happening with the sheriff department? Still waiting on what our quiet madam will be doing next as well. Pharump still has some interesting things going on.

Croft said...

I sure wouldn't mind sharing some of that 110F temperature with you. It is less than half that here and raining. Miserable day.

Strange year for the primaries... $71 Million for a chance to be Governor of CA... Male politicians having affairs are tossed out but women politicians having affairs win with 49% of the vote.. Go figure!

It does look good for Harry!