Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ah yes, local officials......

We now have proof that Pahrump doesn't have a lock on corrupt District Attorneys, Las Vegas managed to arrest one of their guys on cocaine possession.  Link here.  Make me feel much better knowing that the guy who takes care of all the high-profile drug cases knows exactly what is going on.

Now all I have to complain about is the weather.  It's below normal; it even froze the water in our new bird bath last night.  It was only a very thin layer but cold is cold!  High today should be around 60F (15C).  Even my wife is complaining that the winter has seemed longer this year.  The weather map is showing more storms coming in from the Pacific so we've got another week or more of overcast and the slight possibility of rain.

I've been wondering how the markets are treating Japanese companies & funds.  I used to own Mathews Japan Fund (MJFOX); I sold it because it was just gradually declining.  As it turns out , it is down about 10% from last January but I don't think that's bad considering!  Toyota is down from it's February highs but about the same as last January.  People and markets are being remarkably calm I think.  Good news!

Gotta go.  Have a good one.

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