Monday, March 28, 2011

Just Doing....

On our last trip to California, I misjudged a service station entrance and bent the rear stabilizing jacks on the trailer.  Bought new ones about two weeks ago but it wasn't until this morning I installed them.  I just used the original self-tapping screws so it wasn't too tough. 

We also had the carpets in the house cleaned this morning.  Now that guy earns his money!  It's hard work bending over using that machine.  Moving all the furniture off the carpet is almost as tough though.  We'll probably spent part of tomorrow putting it all back.  (Oh my aching back also!) 

Finally we have an electrician coming in this afternoon to install a new switch for a light.  I guess I could do something that simple but we weren't sure what was wrong.  Sometimes the switch would almost work; other times nothing at all.  We had this guy out last week to replace a couple circuit breakers and he figured out that time what was wrong.  I figure it's only fair to let him replace it.  These days it's tougher than usual for these small business folks to make a dollar.

Gotta go.  I'm doing well working on the trailer.  There's always more!

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Unknown said...

Don't you love removing those little blocks and waxed paper. It's especially interesting under the grand piano in the living room.