Sunday, March 06, 2011

Getting nice

We are gradually warming up around here; highs are in the low 70's F (22C).  Nice stuff.  Unfortunately the weed seeds that have been hanging around since last year are turning into growing plants!  Grrr!  Ordinarily I like having our acre lot (about .4 hectare) but about this time I'm hating it.  Last year we bought $100 worth of weedkiller so now I've got to apply the darned stuff!  I can only do about a third of the yard at a time.  Bending over with the sprayer and trying to walk a straight line and not get the gunk all over me is hard.  I wish there was some other answer but I haven't figured it out.

Other than the weeds, life is good.  Our bird feeder is doing it's job.
They go through about three-fourths of the feeder every day.  Good thing bird feed is reasonably priced!

Our daughter is buying her first new house so we are trying to help her make good decisions.  It's interesting all the homeowner things that are all new for her.  From buying dishes to buying a garage door opener, it's all new to her.  Happily we've done this lots of times so we can offer 'expert' opinion.  She bought a cute little house and will be closing at the end of the month.  Our housewarming presents are going to be things like fire extinguishers, alarm systems & stepladders.  Things that most apartment dwellers don't consider requirements.

I went to an old-fashioned estate auction earlier this a.m.  And I thought I had a lot of stuff!  LOL  This person had at least one of every size channel lock plier made; five or six sets of screwdrivers; air compressors; welding equipment; at least four tool chests; sets of wrenches that were still in their original packaging.  Jeez!  A mechanic/pack rat.  They also had three 1950's era cars in various states of repair.  Very interesting but after an hour or so I just had to leave.  My casual interest wasn't enough to keep me standing out in the sun for the rest of the afternoon.  I was kind of interested in an old riding lawn mower that they had but it was going to be way late in the afternoon before they got to it.  Nope, I had to just say 'no'.

Here's a site I really love.  shows you Google maps and photos of almost any place you can imagine.  Try it, you might like it.  Take care!


Ed said...

It has been very nice since I got here, much better than my January and February in Huachuca City, AZ.

Croft said...

Good news! This offers a few more choices for a route home in April!

Unknown said...

Been getting nice here too - at least until it snowed yesterday and today. {*grin*}

JoeinVegas said...

You didn't want to get another welder?