Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fits and Starts

I find I often work in fits and starts.  The garage will obsess me for a few days, then I won't go near the place for weeks.  I'll be reading nothing on the internet except investing information; then I'll stop completely.  I'll visit about a hundred blogs; then ignore them.  You get the idea.  Are other people like that?  Are you?  Or am I as strange in this as I am in various other things?

Does anyone do programming for pc's any more?  Back about a thousand years ago I had a Pascal compiler for my pc.  (Well, the late 80's anyway.)  I wrote some neat little programs for that thing.  I'm going to see if I can't find another one.  HTML is interesting but I'm not sure it will do the things I'm looking at doing.  I guess that shows the depth of my ignorance of newer languages.  Hell, I even gave away my HTML book when we left Florida.  Guess I'll be checking out the library.

We did finally get a bird bath to go with the feeder. It doesn't seem to popular at the moment but the birds seem to take a few days to get used to things.  We decided to go with a conventional bath rather than a solar powered job for two reasons:  money and weight.  This one was under $40 AND heavy.  Even so it wobbles a bit in the wind gusts.  If I get wild and crazy I'll add a pump-solar cell arrangement later.  So far I think it scares more birds off than it attracts.

Talked to some folks having a garage sale today.  Boy, were they depressing.  They are certain that the world is in the hands of some group who are trying to end the world as we know it.  People start off on a rant about President Obama; I'm just not going to argue with them.  I agree he's screwed up some things but he inherited a huge pile of shit from Presidents Bush, Clinton & the rest going back at least 40 years.  Anyway, living here it's easy to laugh off any criticism of  the national government; I just point out that our local government is so lousy that I don't have time to worry about the nation.  It's not true that I don't worry, of course, but almost everyone will agree about our local pols!

Guess I'll go watch the news and get completely depressed.  Hope you are having a good one.


Croft said...

Well, I was feeling pretty good until I read your Blog!

I see you write it three days ago and I am just getting ti it now. I guess I am the same as you...

Croft said...

Sorry about the spelling. I should proof read before I hit "Publish"!