Saturday, March 26, 2011


We are hoping that spring is finally here.  I've managed to run errands this afternoon with no coat; now if it will just keep being nice!  We have family from the Northwest visiting in a week so we need nice weather.  Being cooped up in the house for a week doesn't even sound like fun.

To make Spring official, we planted our garden last week.  It's not exactly a big deal:  the vegies are one jalapeno plant and one tomato plant.  That's one pot.  The other pot has basil, thyme and parsley.  The theory is that we'll be able to cart the plants along with us when we travel next summer.  That should be pretty funny!  I predict dirt all over the place.

One of the benefits of living here is that you get to see all kinds of individuals trying hard to be different.  Today I saw a nice normal, quite new, van with a homemade rack on the top.  The strange thing is that the rack was made of ordinary iron pipe bolted to the roof.  Can you spell 'ugly'?  Attached to one corner was a battery box with a wire led down into the vehicle.  Heaven only knows what that's all about.  There was no solar panel so that battery is going to get flat pretty quickly if there is a load on it.

One of our elected officials managed to get noticed again.  This time it's a woman who sent out a bunch of emails to various people including the Sheriff.  In the email she said she was frightened of the Latino men doing some construction next door to her office and asked that their immigration status be checked.  She had more of a racist rant but that was the basic deal.  Needless to say, people are ticked off.  Of course, the next day the construction companies posted memos on her door explaining that all of their workers are either US citizens or legal immigrants.  Our county, like the country as a whole, is about 16% Latino.  This woman was just elected in November so can't be recalled until next summer but someone is already starting a recall campaign.  I swear, these people are all crazy out here.  I'm just hoping that it's not catching.  Or at least that I have a good time & don't hurt anyone.

Have a good one!

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