Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Buncha questions - 1 word answers

Answer the following with ONLY 1 word....not as easy as you might think!

where is your cell phone? desk

your significant other: Judie

your hair? leaving

your mother? Dead

your father? Dead

your favorite thing? life

your dream last night? messy

your favorite drink? scotch

your dream/goal? healthy

what room are you in? den

your hobby? photography

your fear? heights

where do you want to be in 6 yrs? here

where were you last night? here

something that you are not? loner

muffins? please

wish list item? health

the last thing you did? talked with a cabinetmaker

what are you wearing? pants-shirt

TV off

your pets? Loved

friends? Few

your life? Fine

Your mood? Happy

missing someone? Yes

your car? GMC

something you're not wearing: Undershorts;

your favorite store? Sears

your favorite color? blue

when is the last time you cried? movie

who will resend this? Won't send it

where do you go to over and over? Walmart; CVS; Albertsons; Smiths; etc

five people who email me regularly? 1 friend; 1 blogger; 1 kid; 3 or 4 family

my favorite place to eat? home

favorite place I'd like right now? Paris

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