Friday, February 20, 2009


I received a comment on my post about how things have changed; how we don't write long beautiful letters any more. The comment was that our priorities have changed. I am extremely tired of that word; though I cannot abandon it.

I spent a lot of years working in the computer world: programming; designing systems; supervising projects and people. The companies I worked for spent a lot of money on software intended to prioritize our work; and to keep track of all the fiddly little bits. You could look at a task, like writing a certain routine, and see this long list of tasks that needed to be done before it and another list of ones that should be done afterwards. I don't really miss those lists!

However, priorities are still with us. We are furnishing our new house; first buy the sofa then the end tables. First buy the bedroom set then the bookshelves. It goes on and on! Yes, we do have to prioritize things. Maybe I've just been doing it wrong lately. I wrote a letter earlier today. It's a start. Maybe I'll take the camera and go for a walk later.

Take care; it's dangerous out there.

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Lee said...

Good man. I just had a gripe of J Cosmo's blog, where he had written a poem about receiving a real letter.

The popular thing is to call real mail 'snail mail'. It just belittles it and makes people embarrassed for using it. And yet, as Cosmo showed, so many people long for it. Odd.