Thursday, February 05, 2009

Went to a Show!

Went over the hump to Las Vegas to see a show: The World of Concrete! Yeah, I know, Life in the Fast Lane! LOL Our daughter works for a company who makes concrete handling machinery. She likes her job and is pretty enthusiastic about their products. She wanted us to see what it is all about so she got us into the show.

It was actually pretty cool; we only went through two of the three exhibition halls - there was a lot to see. Some of the things that I noticed was the number of foam-concrete systems that were shown. There were also a lot of systems for shaping the concrete whether it be into blocks or just imprinting a design. Cool stuff! Makes me want to do something with concrete!

Her company had a large display - concrete mixers; portable concrete plants; the tractors and front end loaders required; even back hoes. It was a lot of fun. The show was the same size as last year but there weren't a lot of visitors. Further proof, as if we needed it, that the building trades are hurting. In addition, we got to meet one of her bosses; a very nice gentleman from Germany. It's always nice to have a face to associate with a name; and she talks a lot about her job and her boss.

It was a fun day but a long one. The traffic in Vegas is disgusting. I-15 northbound was almost stopped. When we came upon it I had to really hit the brakes for the first time in many months. Southbound you have five lanes; northbound there are only three. They have to get that fixed some day! Then there were the three people who decided to pull out in front of us. Fortunately, I've been driving defensively for a long time. They were just annoyances.

Today we stayed in Pahrump and spent money at Walmart. How's that for supporting the American Way? Bought some tray tables - so we can indulge our obscene passion for eating dinner in front of the tv. Then I made choucroute garni - my own way but it was pretty good. Watched a 1996 version of Jane Austin's 'Emma'. There we go again living in the fast lane.

Take care out there; it's dangerous!

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Lee said...

The World of Concrete? Oh, calm my beating heart!