Monday, February 09, 2009

Quiet Day

Today was a quiet day. Did some laundry while my wife cleaned up the kitchen. Also found our Social Security cards - took a while because who cares about them really. Unfortunately for us, the State of Nevada wants them before we can get our new driver's licenses! Took an hour or more to find the darned things. Anyway, the lost are now found. We'll take a couple more steps toward being citizens of Nevada in a day or two.

Tomorrow we get delivery of our new sofa and a couple of sleeper sofas intended for guests. We could buy regular beds for our guests but we feel cramped for space and since we usually have guests for a week or so a year... sleepers sounded reasonable.

Went over the hump to Vegas yesterday. It was rainy in the valley; the same when I went over the pass to the big city. When I came back the rain turned to snow as I approached the pass. They had a couple of inches in the ground up there but it didn't stay on the road. I was glad to be coming home at 15:00 rather than 22:00 when I imagine the conditions were quite different.

It was rainy and blowy today. I put down a towel while I washed the dog's feet after her walk and the damn thing blew away! Guess that wall around the property is going to come in handy if only for keeping things from blowing away. A side effect is that the light is great - first dull then sparkling then alternating between the two. It makes it totally impossible to describe the mountains. I'm just loving looking at them.

Take it easy out there; it's dangerous!

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Lee said...

Easy's good.