Saturday, February 07, 2009

Gray days

Yesterday and today have been gray days. Mist yesterday but real rain for a while today. The mountains have been hidden for most of the day. Now there is a cloud layer about a third of the way up the mountains flank then sun above. They've gotten a lot of snow up on top. Watching the mountains is a favorite pastime around here.

We had a landscaper out here to talk about what we can do with all our dirt. Since we do NOT want to have to water things, that means cover the place with decorative rock. He is talking about something over $5000 in rock for the back yard. We also have three holes in the wall where gates need to be - another $2500 or so. Then there are a few more semi-truck loads for the front. I don't see it being less that $10K all told. But, at least we will be able to go out in the yard even when it is wet. The dirt here is a type of clay that sticks to everything! When I let the dog out for a few minutes, I have to wash her feet! Talk about fun; that isn't.

I'm cooking a Cajun Roast tonight from a recipe by Justin Wilson. Mr. Wilson was a chef from Louisiana way back in the 70's. Wrote a couple of books that I have but can't find. There is even a web site where some of his recipes are posted; just not the one I want. Anyway, it's a favorite so I don't really need the recipe. It is nice and hearty; just the thing for a cold and rainy day. There will be time for salads in about three months.

Take care. It's dangerous out there.

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A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Hiya, Don. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It makes me feel better that you're glad your kiddos are grown and gone. Will I really feel that way myself when the time comes?

Keep us posted on the Cajun roast. Sounds intriguing.