Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Here we sit; all Californicated in a place called Hat Creek.  Interesting, kind of, but really a sack of s*#t.  Paying excessively to sit in the woods and watch a bunch of idiots playing horseshoes is not really something I'll be doing again.  We were hopeful though; we are trying to make the journey from Sutherlin, OR to Pahrump a three day journey - days of approximately the same length.  This would be a good first days run but this park just isn't going to do it.  The only thing that can be said for it is that we have internet and a bit of a breeze.  There are other parks around here that we'll try next time.

We spent the last two days just resting at the Escapee's park in Sutherlin - resting defined as cleaning the rig and doing laundry.  My opinion of the organization is no secret; I'm a huge fan.  The park is nice, blacktop roads, big spaces and not at all expensive.  Oh, and the people that we met were all great too!  The drive from Reedsport to Sutherlin was along the Umpqua River valley; that was downright beautiful. 

The road here was ok.  Interstate-5 through the Siskiyou range - in summer it's got some challenging spots;  I've heard that in winter it can be downright scary.  Lots of 6% grades both up and down with a few slow curves interspersed.  Needless to say, there's lots of traffic.  After you leave the interstate, it's a narrowish 2 lane road with lots of ups and downs.  The cars following us may not have been too happy but that's not something we can do much about.  There aren't lots of places to turn off.  The state of California also is part of the problem:  if you tow anything the speed limit is 55 (88kph); otherwise it's 65(105kph).  We are a built in moving blockade for other vehicles.  Happily most people are pretty cool about it.  Only saw 4 California Highway Patrol vehicles today.  Unfortunately saw three deer hit by cars; a buck and two doe. 

Should be in nowhere Nevada tomorrow; then home on Friday.  Drive carefully where ever you are.

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