Monday, July 19, 2010

A Mountain - and wine country

My wife and I visited Mt St Helens a couple years after the first eruption.  We were living in Seattle at the time so it wasn't tough to visit.  Last year we tried to visit it again but it was socked in.  This year we succeeded in finding good weather.  We were worried; it was cloudy down where the rv park was located.  We decided to try it anyway and our wishes came true.

The interpretive centers are well done; the scenery is great; even the road is good.  It is a worthwhile stop on any journey, especially if the weather is clear.

Now we have moved on; but only about 90 miles.  We are near the town of McMinnville, Oregon; a town of many wineries.  There is also an aviation museum that houses the famous Spruce Goose airplane; Howard Hughes' famous 'largest aircraft in the world'.  It may not be that any more but I've got to see it anyway.  Wine and a famous airplane, what more could I ask? 

Now, if I can only find a laundromat!


Croft said...

Try some Pinot Noir from the Columbia Valley wineries. The soil is perfect for it.

Why do you need a laundromat? Did you dribble some wine?

Don said...

(Nose in air) I did NOT dribble wine! However I have worn the only pair of jeans I brought along for about six straight days! LOL This cold weather thing is making me think it's winter.