Saturday, July 03, 2010

Dog and cat days....

Having lots of fun getting ready for our trip.  Today was dog and cat maintenance day - brushing, trimming and washing all around.  Oh my aching back!  But everyone looks better (to human eyes anyway) and touching their coats is again a pleasure.  The dog was pretty cool with the whole thing.  The cat yowled a lot but at the end of the day, that's all he did and he's already been on my lap.  Can't be too pissed off!

We have piles of stuff around that are ready to be loaded into the trailer.  Cold weather clothes, blankets, extra water hoses, the bbq, there's just a ton of stuff that gets taken off the rig for one reason or another.  Tonight I'll start the refrigerator and in the a.m. start the a/c. 

I went to the store for a few things and it turned into one of those WTF moments.  It's Independence Day on Sunday so it's ok to expect the stores to be busy.  What I wasn't expecting was the general incompetence.  The kid behind the meat counter told me he had two days training; I'm surprised he could tell hamburger from ground pork.  What did they do?  Lay-off the butcher and hire this kid?  Heaven knows!  The ordinary check-out lanes were crowded with people with lots-o-stuff.  There are four self check-out lanes:  one was out of order.  A customer was on one and had fouled it up somehow so there were two left.  A family with two kids were fumbling with a third; that left one for the rest of us.  The idiot who oversees the self-checkouts even carded some guy buying a six-pack of beer - even I could see he was pushing 40!  Makes you glad you don't have to get anywhere in a hurry!

So, if I don't get to it tomorrow, Happy 4th of July everyone!

"Laws for the liberal education of the youth, especially of the lower class of the people, are so extremely wise and useful, that, to a humane and generous mind, no expense for this purpose would be thought extravagant." --John Adams

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