Monday, July 26, 2010

Last days on the coast

We have spent a last couple days just being lazy not going far from Lincoln City.  There is an outlet mall that we had to check out.  Spent a few bucks but nothing special.  Neither of us are great shoppers.  Yesterday, for example, I went to a Dollar Store and bought new toys for the animals - $2.  NOT too great for the local economy!

The weather has been weird; it may be sunny at our park but foggy in Lincoln City 5 miles away.  You've got to take your coat wherever you go.  There were tons of people in town.  The city is strung out along highway 101 and turned into a giant line of cars all just crawling along.  What fun. 

Today we are south down 101 a bit more then we turn inland and head for Interstate 5 and home. 

Take care!


Unknown said...

There is a reason they call PCH a parking lot. {*grin*}

JoeinVegas said...

So you got to sit in line