Friday, July 02, 2010


Our news today is mostly concerned with two wildfires in the Las Vegas area.  One, near a tiny town called Moapa, has destroyed homes and other structures.  The other, on Mt. Charleston, is in the forest.  That fire was started by an illegal campfire, the fire service hasn't given any information of the start of the other.  (Fires are banned from April through November in the area.)  Right now the fires are reasonably small but you have to feel for the firefighters.  We are looking at another 105F (40+C) day with 15-25 mph (24-40 kph) winds.  It has to make a tough job much worse and they certainly will not get them put out today.  Go here or here for photos.

Personally we are just continuing to get ready for our trip.  Today I'm off to buy carpet protector material; we are tired of cleaning the carpet in the trailer!  We can't really shave the dog & cat so we are going to try protecting the carpet with plastic.  At least it will give us a fighting chance.  Tomorrow I'll do most of the loading.  We need warm weather clothes for the first couple days then cool weather stuff for Washington; they are supposed to have a high of 63F (17C) today.  It will be quite a change for us!

Have a good one.

"For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go.  I travel for travel's sake.  The great affair is to move."  Robert Louis Stevenson

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Wandrin said...

From the heat (of Las Vegas) to the cool (of the Pacific northwest). I've been here for couple of weeks already. Waiting for the temperature to climb above 70 more than once a week. Actually had to wear long pants one day when the temps struggled to stay in the 50s.