Saturday, July 24, 2010

More coastline

We wandered south from our park yesterday afternoon just looking at the view.  We found it was easier to access the actual coast and enjoyed that.  There were even a couple places where we could have gone down to an actual beach.  Unfortunately that 60F (15C) and 20mph (30kph) breeze dissuaded us.  It was pretty though!

We got to see the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse.  You can actually go up in it since it is no longer used and has been taken over by the state as a recreation area.  We didn't; there were already lots of people in line and you know what I think of standing in lines!

I loved the view of the bay that you got from the point.  The rocks offshore are rather close but far enough that they are home to lots (!) of birds.  Kind of hazy but very beautiful.

We stopped at one viewpoint that was inhabited by a different species - landscape painters!  (Sorry couldn't even approximate the latin name.  Hell, I'm lucky I can spell it in English - or is it American?)  At least they can cut out the haze in their work.

I was liking that old tree but clearly they were after something else.  Gotta go.  Have a good one.

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Croft said...

Beautiful area! That lighthouse area was used to film a movie some time ago. I don't remember the name of it. It looks like you are getting some nice Oregon weather!