Friday, November 04, 2011

Cloudy? In the desert?

Yep!  We have clouds.  I was trying to get a screen capture of the radar view of all this but couldn't find a good one.  You'll just have to trust my photos.  But we do have clouds.  Rather than the low 30's (1C) we had a night where I woke to 50F (10C).  Not bad!  The clouds insulate us from heat loss and they also make the mountains look more spectacular than usual!

Sorry about the first photo, it's from my cell phone.  Why anyone thinks cell phones will take over from even point and shoot cameras is beyond me.  The camera can do so much better!  The first shot is of the clouds to the southwest just before sunrise.  The second is perhaps half an hour after sunrise, a photo of the Last Chance mountains to our northwest in the cloudy-sunny light that makes them so beautiful. 

I'm just loving life out here is the great American West.  Hope you are having as good a day!

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