Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Day After the Night Before....

Well, not exactly!  Our kids wandered off to live their own lives leaving my wife and I to just go back to our lives.  I cannot tell you how wonderful that is! 

The kids are great and seeing them is wonderful but, you know, we have a wonderful life without them.  They are all like 40-somethings so we have this weird adult-child-adult relationship.  They will always be our 'kids' (including the SO of course) but they are normal adult human beings with most of the BS that that entails.  We have no grandchildren (and will have none, I'm promised) but otherwise it's the American Dream thing going on. 

In reality we don't have the proto-typical American Dream.  We've got divorce, single parenthood, abortion, child molestation, anger management problems, even murder to deal with.  But, you know, isn't that the reality of our world?  The Nelson family was there in the '50's and '60's, Ozzie and Harriet had their moment but they are long gone.  Their son Ricky died freebasing coke in an airplane; taking the whole plane full of his band with him.  David just died this year; quietly, of cancer.  But the American dream is alive, it just incorporates all of life including death.  Just ask one of the millions of people who have emigrated to this country.  It's still the land of opportunity, the land of freedom, the shining beacon for the oppressed people of the world. 

Have you noticed I'm still proud of the place?  It's not the only wonderful place on earth but it's pretty good.  Hope you had a good day today and have a better tomorrow!

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