Friday, November 18, 2011

Getting Ready...

It's coming up on Thanksgiving and that's pretty much our favorite holiday of the year so we are excited.  I mean how excited are we atheists supposed to get at Christmas?  What we are expecting is that it will be my wife and myself, our daughter, our son & his significant other (SO) together for a few days.  So it won't be a really big thing but we have seen so little of our son (her son, my stepson) and his SO that it's still exciting for us. (A sidebar:  I'm not one to intrude in others lives but I do wish he'd just marry the woman.  They've been together for 16 years and this SO shit is so boring!)  My wife is almost over her cold and I seem to have avoided catching it so at least we can have everyone here.  Wouldn't that be nasty:  go for a holiday visit and catch some nasty bug!  

Of course the holiday means that we have to have the house looking a bit better than usual.  We've already had the carpets cleaned one day last week.  I managed to clean the deck/patio area yesterday.  It's a favorite hang-out of the birds after they have visited the feeder so you can imagine the mess.  After hearing from a friend in Florida, it occurred to me that I ought to have a pressure washer so I bought one.  It sure makes a difference in the amount of work it takes to clean the deck and the furniture!  It also cuts down on the amount of water used as well; as a desert dweller I'm loving that.  Next up is washing all the windows.   I'm beginning to think that if we didn't have visitors we'd never do a deep cleaning ever.  Hmmmm.

Our big deal this weekend will be shopping for the local foodbank.  The radio station will have a stand in front of a store and we'll help them to fill their box.  For me it's the worst to think that there are people in this country who are hungry.  We are the wealthiest country on earth, we have the highest standard of living, and we still have people who are hungry.  Isn't that just awful.  I don't really give a toss about the drunks and drug addicts who might be hungry, I'm talking about families (who might even be working!) who can't afford a decent meal.  It gives an opportunity for relatively wealthy old folks like me to practice some charity but otherwise I'm pretty appalled.  

As always, have a good one!

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Ed said...

I'm curious, does your son introduce his 'Significant Other' to newly met people using that term or does he say "Please meet my WIFE xxxx". If he does the later then I would say it is time for you to get over the SO issue.

As an atheist do you want him to be 'married' by some church whose doctrine you do not believe in? Or do you want some civil ceremony where the State give sanction to a union that has existed for 16 years?