Saturday, November 12, 2011

Good day yesterday

I had some fun yesterday going in to Las Vegas.  As I've said before if you can't get it at a supermarket, drug store, hardware store or Walmart; it's not in Pahrump.  It was time for a supply run so off I went.  I did take the time to check out a couple places that I usually pass by. 

The way we get to the northern part of Las Vegas takes you on NV 159 past Blue Diamond and the Red Rock Canyon area.  I drove through the town of Blue Diamond.  It's got a few hundred people but that's about all.  It is open to the BLM land and the wild horses and donkeys roam around regularly.  I didn't see any animals but there were droppings all over the place.  Clearly they have figured out that the grass people grow tastes pretty good.  Next I drove on to Bonnie Springs.  There is even less there though they do have a small gauge rail setup. 

I didn't really investigate it but left after grabbing a photo.  As I left town I ran into a traffic jam.  

There was a small herd of 6 or 8 donkeys.  Obviously they've gotten a handout or two from folks.  I guess it's just payment for all the photos we were taking of them.  Unfortunately I didn't have anything for them.  Guess I'm a bad customer.

Have a good one!

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JoeinVegas said...

It's illegal to feed them.