Sunday, November 06, 2011

Quiet Sunday

We are having a quiet day today.  The weather is a little weird.  Over in the west it is bright sunshine, in the east it is cloudy and snowy looking.  Kind of like the economy:  in eastern Europe things are looking pretty cloudy but here in the Americas some measures are perking up a bit.  Guess we'll just have to work through it all.

Since it's been chilly I've been cooking comfort food.  Now we've got an embarrassment of leftovers.  Does that happen to you?  One day we have nothing but cheese and salad in the fridge, seemingly the next day we've got about a week's worth of food.  Of course, we had a ham yesterday and that's a lot of leftovers right there.  My wife managed to come down with a cold so she isn't even interested in eating.  I may have to experiment with freezing some of this stuff! 

I've been hearing for months about how the price of food is going to rise because the corn harvest wasn't good.  What I have trouble with is using corn to make ethanol .  It's really about the dumbest thing ever, using  a food crop as fake gasoline.  You've got to know the politicians (and their friends the lobbyists) were involved in that decision.  Even the science behind the decision is crappy.  It is enough to make me ashamed to admit I'm from Iowa.

Gotta go.  Have a good one.

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