Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas cards

Tis the season for Christmas cards.  We do emails to most of our friends but some of the older folks aren't quite ready to give up on the cards so we do send and receive a certain number.  Unfortunately those same older folks are having health problems so the annual Christmas card is when we learn that this cousin has cancer, that one has Parkinson's, and so on.  Just to make it a truly jolly time of year, we got a call this morning informing us that another cousin passed away last night.  It all just really puts one in a crappy mood. 

We are trying to organize our holiday season; you wouldn't think it would be too tough since there are only two of us but, ha!  You'd be wrong!  We've got at least three trips into Vegas planned, probably within the next 8 days.  Good thing the RAV gets pretty good mileage.  Today is decorate the house day.  As atheist's we probably shouldn't but we like a party as much as anyone so we do our thing.  Our decorations reflect our lives - some that the kids made when they were small, some purchased locally, some from the Netherlands, some that are just old.  They range from paper to straw to wood to crystal.  You can't say we've got a dull tree.  I'll take a photo after it gets put together.

Here's hoping for a safe rest of year!

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JoeinVegas said...

Our card list has decreased, for the same reasons.