Saturday, December 17, 2011

Food Drive

Like most communities we had a food drive this weekend put on by our local radio station.  I heard them talking about it yesterday but promptly forgot it.  Today I had to take my library book back so I popped the radio on - then I heard that I had 16 minutes left before they were closing up!  Grrr!  You would have laughed to see me zooming around in the store trying to find stuff and get checked out in under 16 minutes!  One of the groups that have problems are some homeless vets who live out in the desert.  I figured I'd buy for them since we did a turkey and stuff like that on Thanksgiving.  I was absolutely amazed at the number of things that you can get that don't require a can opener!  Canned fruit, soup, stew, tuna - I don't think I bought anything that needed a can opener.  We don't usually buy these prepared items so it came as a major surprise to me. 

After all that excitement, I went looking for a billboard I thought I'd seen on one of our trips to Vegas.  It was closer to town than I expected and on the opposite side of the road from my memory of it but there it was.
Someone from the Philippines is going to open a mission out in the desert!  I'm just speechless but good luck to them. 

I talked about our little Christmas tree:  here it is.

It's only about 4 feet tall (1.3m) but works for us.  The ornaments are from all over - straw ones from the Netherlands, crystal from jewelry stores, home made ones the kids did 30 years ago.  The skirt was made by my wife's sister probably close to 30 years ago.  We have one box to hold the tree and one to hold the ornaments.  Just the right amount of stuff to store away.

Have a good one!


Ed said...


Don't worry yourself too much about cans that don't require a can opener. I can assure you that a homeless vet can probably find a can opener, most of them are still carrying the P-38 that they were issued when serving active duty.

JoeinVegas said...

The tree looks fine - no need for a huge one without a pile of kids digging underneath for presents.

Don said...

I agree Ed, I have one, but the other homeless guys, non-vets, might not.

You're right Joe, no kids mean much less need for a big tree.