Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Las Vegas Day

We left home about 10:00 and spent the rest of the day in Las Vegas.  My wife and daughter wanted to do some shopping so I was officially released from duty for a few hours.  I tried my best to get into trouble but you know how tough that is when you are trying!  LOL 

There is an outlet mall on the south end of the strip and I walked that thing from one end to the other.  Whew!  Didn't buy much but that wasn't the case for most folks.  Business seemed to be pretty good; certainly there was a crowd for a Tuesday afternoon.  This particular place has little stands lining the sides of the mall between the store window fronts.  The worker will have one to five different stands, each with it's own kind of trinket.  There is every kind of bead necklace or stone polished and made into whatever.  Tons of cheap games or covers for your cell phone or practically any glittery thing you can imagine.  It gives the place a kind of carnival atmosphere unlike your usual suburban mall.  Of course there is massage, either by a person or a machine, tooth whitening, oxygen therapy and I don't know what else.  Fun to look at but I'd be afraid, very afraid, to participate!

Later I drove over to the strip and walked around in the MGM Grand casino.  I walked steadily for 15 minutes from the place I parked the car to what I thought was the other end of the casino.  In between is the hotel lobby with it's Golden Lion surrounded by metalic Christmas trees.
Sorry about the quality of the photo.  Every tourist wanted his/her photo taken in this spot and I'd left the camera in the car anyway.  The trees were actually silver I think but the gold of the entire room took over. 

In the end we got home in time to go out to dinner at a local bbq place.  They make a nice rack of pork spareribs for $22; a nice relief from the prices of anything in Vegas!  They have a nice menu but my wife and I really can't get beyond the spareribs.  Well, we don't try that hard either.

Have a good one!


JoeinVegas said...

At least you hit one of the Casino Christmas displays.

stephen Hayes said...

Hi Don:

Thanks for stopping by the Chubby Chatterbox and for leaving your great comments. This is my first visit to your blog and I think it's great. I'll be back for more.

Pearl said...

Great. Now I want spareribs.

In Vegas.


Greetings from Minneapolis!


Don said...

Thanks for visiting Mr. Chatterbox. I'm enjoying your blog as well.

Pearl, thanks for visiting my blog. I'm sure I speak for all the hospitality workers in Las Vegas when I say I hope you visit soon! We love visitors! Don't expect the ribs to be inexpensive though; the strip is horrifically expensive.