Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year!

Well, we made it to 2012.  2011 was pretty interesting so this year could be more of the same.  Hope that isn't too depressing an idea!  LOL  A stock market that bounces around like crazy can be a little aggravating, the Euro is far from anyone's favorite currency, and, of course, we are now in an election year.  That alone makes everyone a little concerned.  It should be wild.

Last night we had a Grilled Kurobuta Pork Loin Chop that we purchased at a real butcher shop in Las Vegas.  Kurobuta is pork from a Berkshire pig; the true Kurobuta is raised in Japan; what we found was simply a very high quality imitation raised here in the states.  I haven't been in a butcher shop in years.  Cool to find someone so knowledgeable about meat.  He did a great job of answering our questions about the meat, how to cook it, all that good stuff.

My wife and I are having a quiet day today.  She made Hoppin' John, the lucky dish, to bring luck for New Year.  I'll go to the casino tomorrow and let you know if it worked.  Yeah, sure!  Going to the casino might be in the cards but you can bet the odds on winning are the same as they were yesterday.

Here's hoping 2012 is good to us all.  Take care!

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Daniel Jones said...

What the heck is Hoppin' John?

Calm and quiet here as well - given that the wife has the cold running around, she hasn't a lot of pep. Makes my football watching easier. {*grin*}