Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Trip to Vegas

As I said in a previous post, we have been staying close to home but it came time for a trip to the big city.  My wife was invited but decided that she would just as soon stay at home so I had a nice quiet drive to myself.  It gives you plenty of time to think random thoughts.  We have about 30 miles of this kind of road - note the nice wide shoulder.

The highway department, in it's wisdom, ordains some of the shoulder as a bike lane.  However for some reason, out in the middle of nowhere, we have a sign "Bike Lane Ends".  Ok, maybe it's an inch too narrow or some crap but how the devil is a biker supposed to get home?  Who knows. 

Later on, close to Vegas, I came upon a biker riding ON the white line.  Now, that's just stupid!  I give bikes a lot of room; will move into the other lane if traffic permits, but to ride ON the line is just cruising for an accident.  Lots of people don't move over and will even crowd a bike.  Pushing it when you are on the bike is stupid.

The speed limit when we come into the Las Vegas suburb of Summerlin is 50 mph (80kph) and I generally keep to it.  I was within a mile of the city limit and someone who has been following me for at least 5 minutes decides they just can't stand it any more and zooms around me.  Of course, I caught them at the first stop light.  What were they thinking?  If they pass when you've got 10 more minutes in your drive, ok.  They might get through that first light but when you've got a minute before you hit the city streets?  Who knows!

Finally I was ready to come home.  Remember I showed a photo of someone who is building a Catholic mission here in the valley?  Here's the other side of the coin. 
Prostitution is legal in rural Nevada.  It's NOT legal in Las Vegas or Reno, the major population centers, but here it is legal.  And the Cherry Patch Bar is much more than a bar.  They say 'Cat House Souvenirs' - I guess that's a new term for it.  But since I know absolutely nothing about it and Mr. Hof has at least four brothels and a tv show about them; I'm thinking he knows what he's doing.

Well, that was my trip.  Hope you enjoyed the random thoughts.  Have a good one.


JoeinVegas said...

Is he the guy building a new one with space aliens theme, so that you can select a green woman or . . . ?
We depend on you for our research now.

Don said...

Yes, Mr. Hof is the guy. But don't nominate me for the role of Professor of Hookers, it isn't my subject I just read the newspaper.