Sunday, January 08, 2012

Thank Goodness!

I've just realized that it is the second week of January 2012 and I haven't had to write the year yet!  Thank goodness, back in the mists of time it would take me at least a month to remember to write the new year.  Now the computer takes care of all that nasty stuff for me.  I knew computers were good for something.

We are having a quiet 2012 so far.  Have only gone into Pahrump three times much less going into Las Vegas.  One of our excuses for not going anywhere is the amount of leftover food we have!  Making a ham, even a small one, when there are only two of you is basically a silly thing to do.  Ham sandwiches, fried ham, ham and cheese omelets, ham stuffed peppers, ham & bean soup - there's a lot that can  be done with ham and I'm afraid we are doing all of them.  Of course making the ham when we had leftover enchiladas and frijoles from Christmas Eve wasn't a great idea but we were in the mood for ham.  I think we have crossed the pass though and can consider buying food again.  I'm almost looking forward to it!

We have been having some beautiful weather but that may be at an end.  Today it's not really cold but the wind is definitely blowing.  It's sunny, of course, we don't have a lot of cloud activity.  We have a driveway that goes into the back yard (so we can store the RV back there).  I thought the shadows were pretty cool so I took this photo on the last day of 2011.
We have a solid wall with a double gate for the RV and a smaller pedestrian gate in the foreground.  The ground is covered with three different types of rock; we are big into xeriscaping wanting to leave the house in our RV and not having to worry about irrigation.  When we lived in Florida it seemed every time we left the state our irrigation would spring a leak somewhere.  Happily our neighbors would come shut the darned thing off when they noticed it.

For those of you, like me, who enjoy traditional English mysteries, I've only just discovered a woman named Jill Paton Walsh who has taken notes left by Dorothy L. Sayers and written three new Wimsey books.  Don't ask why I only just discovered a book she wrote a book in 1998 but it's certainly got something to do with my head and sand.  Anyway, I think she did a very good job of writing in the style of Ms. Sayers. 

Gotta go do something even if it is wrong.  Have a good one!

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JoeinVegas said...

Sometimes it's fun to do wrong things, or things wrong, or at least doing something.