Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dull and duller?

Sat around fooling with the internet today until after lunch. Then thought I'd take a drive. Left town on highway 160 headed north; ended up visiting the small 'town' of Crystal, Nevada. Maybe there used to be a town there but now there are only a couple of business ventures: a bar (with some old newspaper clippings called a museum); and two brothels. I'm a dull guy so I went into the bar.

That was really kind of interesting. There is a woman behind the bar and two old guys drinking. Both were drinking mixed drinks and were pretty drunk, especially for 13:00! They were both saying 'one more and I'm leaving'. Anyway I just walked around learning some of the history of this part of the country. Apparently there have been a few brothel owners who have disappeared or have been murdered. Didn't know it was such a dangerous occupation. Anyway, I had my beer (a light one at that!) and left. The brothels were a series of mobile homes and small factory built homes that were connected by enclosed walkways. One was 'closed for remodeling' but the other two were still going. Business wasn't very good though; two pickups full of guys isn't a crowd.

Came back to town and hit Home Depot - I'm not sure how long it will be here. There just isn't enought traffic to support it. When I went to check out, there was only one checker and she wasn't busy. Maybe I should go buy some stuff!

Take it easy out there, it's dangerous!

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