Sunday, March 08, 2009

Quiet times

We are having a little quiet time here in Pahrump. There are plenty of things I should be doing I suppose but I've no energy for it. Today my big thing was to make a pot of bean soup. It was a different recipe than I usually use but ok I guess. What can you do to bean soup anyway!

We are expecting family to visit near the end of April so are frantically looking for bedding and dishes and things like that. Went to one of the 'better' restaurants in town and decided the food wasn't good enough for our guests. My wife's fish was either old or had been frozen; my chicken was tasteless. There is another place; we'll try that soon. If that doesn't work out, we'll be looking for recipes for ten! I may be forced to buy that new bbq grill!

We did finally order blinds for the back windows of the house. They should show up in a couple of weeks. I hate being in a lighted house with the windows open to the world. I've read too many stories of assassinations. Besides, our guests may not be as comfortable undressing in front of an open window as we.

We simply must bite the bullet and have someone come rock in the yard. It's just a matter of choosing the person we like, opening the wallet and handing over the money. Everyone in town needs the business.

Hope you are having a good one.

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