Monday, March 30, 2009

Quiet day here

My wife promised me biscuits and gravy for breakfast a couple of days ago but things came up & it wasn't until this morning that she was able to make them. We also had the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix race on the video recorder: it was a great combination. We had good food and the only sport that I follow! To crown the event, a real underdog won the race. What's not to like?

The weather here is still pretty windy. Gusts are over 30mph (50kph). Yesterday evening we couldn't see the mountains because of the blowing dust. Today it is fairly clear but not you still can't see the detail on the mountains.

I'm going to make a trip into town anyway; I've promised to do fried rice for dinner. Needless to say, it's nothing that you might get at an asian restaurant. None of my cooking follows a recipe. My fried rice has about 50 times more meat than a restaurant meal and I don't usually put egg in it. No reason, I just leave it out. It is a nice hearty meal the does not require me going out in the blowing dust to bbq!

Have a good one; be careful out there!

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Lawyer Mom said...

Don, I hate to bug you for recipes but how do you make your fried rice? Is a wok necessary? I've heard you need a special grain that doesn't stick to itself. My one attempt was a globby disaster. But I love the stuff and wish I could make it.