Monday, March 02, 2009

AMERICA, God Shed His Grace On Thee....

Someone with whom I generally agree; Lee over at "A Curates Egg.htm" had a moment about national service on one of his blogs. He was talking about military service and I'm not certain about my feelings on that. I went to classes during my college years and emerged an officer in the U.S. Army Reserve. Those lessons and the two years I spent in the U.S. Army have been very important to the way I have lived my life: that is by way of open disclosure.

Currently, however, I'd like to see EVERY citizen required to spend at least two years working for our country. They needn't carry a gun but they would be required to help our nation. Not thinking about "number one" is good for the soul. I would love to see national service for ALL if it included more choices: military service; hospital service; the park service; etc. And I'd like it to include women as well as men. Women need to be treated like men; how tough it that to grasp? I think there are social values and lessons to be learned by being in a group. Some people do well in the military; some would crash and burn. However, I think that almost everyone would do well to have to give some time to "the greater good". Sure there are some who need to be exempt but in my mind people who were exempt could pretty much kiss off their political aspirations! (i.e. G.W.Bush)

Our new President is talking a lot about overcoming the political questions and focusing on the real problems of our country. Fine, during the Great Depression, there were a lot of guys on the government payroll in a program called the CCC: Civilian Conservation Corp. They needed work and the Federal government hired them. They built bridges and roads and did all kinds of things in our national parks. Now, seventy years later, we are still enjoying the fruits of their labor. It is time to renew some of those things though. What the hell is wrong with hiring a bunch of people to fix the roads in Detroit? I've been on them; they need work! BTW, don't wish to be nationalistic but only U.S. citizens need apply!

I'd love to see a new CCC. And they needed not stick to the parks and all. What state would object to the federal government not only funding but providing the manpower & all for a replacement of their highways? State highways are fine but they aren't built by state employees - why shouldn't a new CCC build the highways for the states?

We could also reduce the cost of health care dramatically by offering thousands of young men and women to serve as aids in hospitals and nursing homes. It doesn't take a lot of training to serve lunch or supply aspirin to patients. You get some choices: think of the help these people could give to their fellow citizens; think of the good it would do them to help others; or think of the good it would do our economy to have people earning money while reducing the national governments outgo.

BTW; I think it wouldn't hurt if EVERY COUNTRY required something of their citizens; the U.S. is not alone in thinking that freedom is not free.

Have fun but remember, it's dangerous out there!

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