Thursday, March 19, 2009


This house was a foreclosure. Twelve of the thirteen houses we saw when we were buying were foreclosures. When people are forced out of their houses they get mad; and they try to take whatever they can. Here, one of the things they took were the blinds. The bank replaced the blinds on the street side of the house but not in the back. We finally ordered blinds for the back windows of the house and they arrived yesterday. Today I'm "the blind man". Lucky I don't have to drive anywhere (for all you blondes out there).

The instructions say allow 25 minutes a blind - we have six so I have three hours of work. Better get going or I won't be done by Happy Hour. Have a good one but be careful.

On that note: glad to say Braja - from is recovering. It is obviously going to be a while before she is completely recovered but at least she's on the road.

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