Thursday, March 26, 2009

Quiet Day in the Neighborhood

We had a pretty quiet day today, the big event being taking the dog to the vet for her shots. We went to one of the vets here in the valley and were disappointed to find that he took your animal off to the back of the building to be examined. The owner was not allowed to be present. I've had animals almost continuously since 1979 and I've never had a vet who wouldn't allow the owner to be present while the animal was being examined. Sure, when they are putting the animal to sleep while they operate on it; well, duh! Who needs some fat old guy like me fainting? But giving the mutt a shot in the butt isn't going to lay me out. Anyway, we didn't like that guy's business plan; told him so and left.

New vet is MUCH better! Not only do we get to be there, she's willing to get down on the floor with the dog to give her her shots. And, I think, she is quite a bit cheaper. We were both happy with the experience.

Second high point of the day was when FedEx delivered a voltage converter so we can run our little Dutch lamp on 120 volt current. We like our little souvenir to work! It's funny; the lamps we saw in Dutch shops were so different; so innovative to our stodgy American eyes. This one was tiny; we knew we wanted to take it home with us and I wasn't going to spend $300 on a lamp that we might not be able to use in the US. Those lamps we saw almost 10 years ago are in Home Depot now. Wonder what's available in the Netherlands now. Wish I could go find out!

Bummer of the day was when we discovered that a tool with little rubber feet had left apparently permanent marks on our new table. The table is very light colored wood (pine most likely) and now we have these little round marks on it. We'll talk with the furniture store but nothing we've tried made a dent on the marks. We may have to sand them out and refinish the table! Not my thing but what the hell.

That's pretty much all that's going on here. Hope your days went well. Take care; it's dangerous out there!

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Lawyer Mom said...

That lamp is adorable.