Sunday, April 26, 2009

Almost Gone!

Our dreaded visitors are almost gone. Actually, we were really excited that they were coming but knew we'd be just as excited to see them leaving. Let's see if I can explain.

There are just the two of us living here with our dog and cat. This weekend we had my wife's birth mother & her husband; their daughter (my wife's sister) and her husband; my wife's son and his Significant Other; and our daughter. That's four couples and a spare all staying in a three bedroom home (plus our RV). Add to the mix the fact that the birth mother is far from a stable personality and you have the usual run of stress. Finally add the fact that the sister has just announced that she is suffering from breast cancer. Just a regular thrill.

Happily the whole thing went well. No one threw anything; no one got really drunk; no one went crazy. Now they are all gone except for the son & his SO. They are pretty easy to be with so things are slowing down. As for the SIL who have breast cancer; she'll start treatment next month. No one can figure out why there is such a delay but she is as hard headed as anyone you've ever met so there's no talking her into any other treatment.

Take care; it's dangerous out there!


Croft Randle said...

Sounds like a stressful weekend Don! At least you didn't run out of beer (or wine).. Family is great to have around but it is also nice to be alone.

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Oh no! Less than idyllic conditions. Damn. Don, I think you've got a TV pilot on your hands.