Thursday, April 30, 2009

Good God! Thursday already!

How time passes when you are having fun! Actually, we are recovering from last weekend with all the family. The first day is always funny; I run to my computer and my wife runs to the tv. We eat snacks not meals. By the second day, we can manage to eat a meal together; even to do small tasks. Then we are finally close to normal; at least as normal as we ever are.

Got another shipment of bookcases on Tuesday. The others were lovely just not enough space. So now I have that to put together. We also got our new water softener. We tested the water and it was pure and wonderful however the hardness was off the scale. SO... had it installed because we just don't know anything about the darned things. Besides, I do truly believe that those of us who can afford to employ people these days ought to do so. Lots of folks are a paycheck away from disaster. If I can help them to keep the wolf away from the door for another day, well, I just have to do it. Spending an extra $100 isn't going to make any difference at all to me unless the world is a hell of a lot different than I think it is.

Right now it is almost 23:00 - a little over sixty degrees (F) outside and I have the windows open to let in the cool air. The house hasn't gotten really warm yet but being able to sleep in the cool, dry air is so great after the warm, moistness of Florida. Now if I was just smart enough to quit reading blogs and go to bed!

Be careful, it's dangerous out there!

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A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Glad to hear you survived your company! And that you're supporting the local economy.

Don't forget to take LOTS of Vitamin C.