Wednesday, April 01, 2009

End of quiet!

Ok, yesterday was anything but quiet. First we bought a Weber BBQ; just about like the one I left in Florida so now I can cook for many people. Second we dropped a $5K down payment with the landscaper. Finally, we came home to find the landscaper had already dumped a load of rock in our back yard AND another shipment of blinds had been delivered. Whew!

TODAY was even more fun. The landscaper's dump truck was here at 07:30 with the second load of rock. The guy was driving around our trailer just squeaking past so I had to run out and move the trailer. This is non-trivial since hooking up takes about fifteen minutes and unhooking another ten. Rock has been arriving hourly since the first load. Then at about 14:00 the guy showed up to deliver our bookshelves. We ordered them from IKEA; we had IKEA shelves in Europe and brought them home with us but sold them in Florida. Cheap but well made, we ordered over the internet since the nearest store in in mid-California. Now we have new shelves - twelve boxes worth and 532 lbs worth and at least a couple of days work putting them together. Why do I get myself into these things?

Have a good day and if it's quiet, don't complain! Be careful, it's dangerous out there.

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Lee said...

Wow! It's all go! Exciting times.