Sunday, April 12, 2009

Nice afternoon here

Last week we finally bought some furniture for the patio. Not the quality that we had in Florida but comfortable and available. Had breakfast this morning then went outside to enjoy the weather. It's comfortable and behind the house the wind isn't obtrusive. It's a different thing if you are where the wind can get you directly; that's not particularly nice. Anyway, the cat decided to join us & I had to share his royal lion self.

We do get a lot of enjoyment from our animals. The way they shed doubles the amount of wash we have to do but...... The only downside for us is that we aren't willing to kennel them so we can travel overseas. I suppose we could but I just don't think it would be right. Neither has ever been in a kennel so it would be tough on them. And when we make the big flight, we want to stay a while. (Well, we got the dog from the pound but that was a LONG time ago!)

BTW, one of the things on my as-yet non-existent "bucket list" is to do some nice woodworking. I've got a couple of projects around the house that need doing so maybe I can get some satisfaction here. I'd REALLY love to do some cold molded epoxy work but that is going to have to wait.

One more thing: heard this afternoon that the Navy SEALS managed to get the captain of that ship away from the pirates who had captured him, killing 3 of the 4 pirates in the process. I know those pirates are just terribly poor guys who are trying to make a living in one of the poorest areas on the globe. Having said that, I'm so glad someone had the guts to take them out. Pirates are simply criminals; just like someone who carjacks you. Now if we weren't wasting tons of money fighting Mr. Bush's War on Terror; maybe we could afford another ship or three out there keeping the pirates ashore.

Until later. Take care, it's dangerous out there!

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