Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Heating up finally

I had this misconception that it was going to be hot in the desert. We haven't been warm since last October but now it's getting there fast. We are supposed to be in the mid-nineties (35C) for the next couple of days. That's hot enough for me but I'm sure there is more to come. The happy news is that it gets into the sixties (18C) at night. The house is well enough insulated that it is staying comfortable without air conditioning. That is an unexpected pleasure!

Don't know if I've posted this before but here is a photo of the mountain in the light of the sunrise. It doesn't really do it justice but what can I say. I can't post a twenty minute video of the sunrise.

Gotta go. There is plenty of cleaning to be done before our guests show up Friday. Take care, it's dangerous out there.


A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Gorgeous. Is this what you see from your front porch?

Don said...

This is the back porch view. It is pretty cool for some people who have been living in the flat lands for too long.