Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A week!

Can't believe it's been a week since I posted but why would Blogger lie?

Both nothing and everything has been happening. So let's start with the simple stuff. The landscaper is still banging away at our yard. It is becoming a rock-scape but damned slowly I think. We have from two to four guys in the yard all day. Every now and then the truck shows up with more of a certain kind of rock. The main guy was here this a.m. and said he was bringing in more of the expensive rock without cost to us, because it just needed it. (Guess we paid plenty, huh!) The work just takes a while I guess. I'll post a picture or two when we finally are finished.

Today we finally made a trip "over the hump" to Vegas. (There is a 5400 foot pass between here and there.) Bought towels and blankets for our expected family visit in late April. We also found some china we like (third or fourth time looking for it) and some silverware. The silverware we brought home but the china will be shipped to us. That was a quick $800! Then we went to another store and found a tv that should work in the guest room - a few odds and ends and there was another $400. Jeez, maybe we should stay at home and feed guests from paper plates & plastic utensils!

The real bummer of the day was waiting for us when we got home. Turns out that my wife's half-sister has breast cancer. We've been buying all this stuff partially because she, her husband and the parents are supposed to be visiting later in April. She found a lump; it's been tested and is a cancer. She is to meet her surgeon on 20 April then schedule the operation for some time in May. All we can do is offer our best wishes for her. How she can be as calm as she sounds is amazing. We are hoping that the visit will at least help keep her mind occupied for some of the time until her operation.

Hope all is well in your blogger world. Take care, it's dangerous out there!

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