Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Delivery Guys!

This was a good day for the delivery crews. Our gates finally arrived - now the dog can run free. The new china arrived - haven't had new china since sometime in the early 1980's. Our new cell phones arrived - the Shine by LG was our choice for our sins. (Had Sony Ericsson's - wife killed three of them in two years - then used an old Samsung originally belonging to our daughter for eight months to get through our two year agreement period.) I'm looking forward to a much improved cell phone camera!

Ordered a shed to cover the water well/pump/expansion tank. Ordered a building much larger than needed but we can always store odds and ends out there. The important thing is that it protect that stuff from freezing AND that it not blow away! The dealer had a sample shed out in front of their building. It was sitting on concrete and was bolted into the concrete. It was there for six years. Last week a gust came along and blew it over into a pile of metal scrap. Hmmmm.... But nothing except metal will survive the climate down here. The salesman suggested railroad ties with rebar through them and six feet into the soil. I may go another way!

I also ordered a new refrigerator today. A small 18 cu ft model to sit in the pantry. We are having NINE people here over the weekend of the 24th. It is a big change from two. LOL There are things needing cooling: the odd case of beer; the whole ham; heaven knows how many bottles of wine. You get the idea. We may only run the refrigerator three weeks a year (for visitors) but it will earn it's living!

I'll try to post a few photos of the yard and gates tomorrow. For now it's late and dark and I've been drinking. Take care; it's dangerous out there!

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Croft Randle said...

Don, there is no such thing as a "much larger than needed" shed! A shed, by it's very nature, will fill to whatever capacity it possesses. You will soon be saying, "We should have bought the next size".