Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cactus Central

We've made a conscious decision to only have things in our yard that don't need watering.  There are plenty of people in the valley trying to make their yard look like Florida; somewhere with about 50 inches of rain a year.  Not us!  It's a desert out there and we know it. 

Last year we bought 4 cacti at the Springs Preserve plant show.  One didn't make it through the winter; guess it was just too cold here.  One, a staghorn, is apparently ok but isn't doing anything.  The other two are happy and that makes us happy!  Here's the prickly pear.

You can see he didn't have a very happy winter either.  Of course our transplanting technique pretty much stinks!  But now that spring has come, we've got a new leaf!  Makes us happy.

This other guy is some relative of the first but he's a bit on the purple side.  The new growth is green though.  We'll have to wait and see if it turns color as it ages or if we've got a bi-color plant.

As you can tell, I am not exactly a gardener.  Maybe that's why we have so much rock in our yard!

Have a good one.


Ed said...


That variety of prickly pear has mature pads that are a blue-green under 'normal' conditions. The pads turn purple when the plant has been stressed by very cold temperatures (like last winter) or by drought.

From the picture it looks really good.

Don said...

Thanks Ed! I know next to nothing about the cactus. It's nice to know it's doing well.