Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring or summer?

We are finally warming up in the valley getting our first 80+ F days (27-30C).  Soon we'll be whining about the heat but right now it feels pretty good.  It feels like it's been a long winter.  Mt. Charleston still has a bit of snow but that will be gone soon.  Before long we'll be looking at nothing but rock

This morning I went out and fought another round in the war against weeds in our yard.  I've used 5 or 6 gallons (25l) of spray already; I don't know if we are done for the year or not.  At some point it will become dry and hot enough that the weeds will just die out.  Or at least I'm hoping so! 

Last fall we planted four cacti in our front yard.  It looks like one was killed by the cold but the other three seem to be growing.  I'll get some pictures one of these days.  During the winter, our wet season, you aren't supposed to water them but in summer they need water every month or so.  We don't want anything that requires irrigation.  In our experience, whenever you look away something goes wrong with a sprinkler system.  The ones we had while living in Florida were a constant maintenance headache whether I was doing the work or having a professional work on them.

This should be a quiet week.  We are both looking forward to having our quiet lives back.  Have a good one!

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