Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Not Daily; not Dead!

Ok, so I fell off the wagon a bit and haven't blogged for a couple days.  So sue me!  We are recovering from the house full of people and haven't been doing much.  My wife managed to catch a cold from someone; we just hope we didn't pass it on.  She has been drinking Theraflu two or three times a day since Saturday.  She's sounding better today though so hopefully she'll get back on her feet soon.

I did get out to go visit Croft for a couple hours.  In person he's much like his blog so I wasn't surprised to like him.  I was surprised about his wife Norma.  He doesn't talk a lot about her in the blog but in life she is bubbly, interesting and talkative; always in movement.  Croft came off as the quiet one which kind of surprised me.  Another couple came along and we had fun hearing about their adventures.  Both couples were asked by the management of Terrible's Lakeside to move their rig part way through their stay.  Neither was particularly complimentary about the management of the park as you might imagine.  I can't say I would be either!

Croft did turn me on to another blog (like I need another one to read); based in Mexico it is written by an ex-copy editor and reflects his retired life in a relatively small Mexican city.  Felipe Zapata is his pen name and Zapata Tales is the blog.  It is beautifully written and I'm really enjoying it.  He managed to turn his hammock into a character in the blog.  Very nice.

Now that I've had my vacation, it's time to get to work cleaning up after a week's worth of visitors.  Gotta go work.  Have a good one!


Croft said...

It was a nice visit, Don. Every time I go off on a rant, Norma is yelling at me to leave her out of it so I have gotten into the habit of using "me and I" more than "us". She is more reluctant to offend people than I am. I have few qualms about offending people who deserve offending. Norma is nicer.

Dan said...

Tis the season to be irregular. At blogging that is. {*grin*}

It seems to be hard to find good blogs at the moment. I suspect many who would be good bloggers have been seduced to twitter and facebook.