Friday, April 15, 2011

Sunset oddity

There is a piece in our local paper today telling us that the military will be conducting some exercises in our valley the last few days of April and the first of May.  Apparently it's a lot like Afghanistan!  I think it's great; they need someplace to practice and this is both close to the base (Nellis AFB) and lightly populated.  The Air Force guy said they wouldn't do anything crazy but there will be more aircraft in the region than usual. 

There is quite a military presence within say 300 miles (500km) - Nellis AFB, Area 51 and The Nevada Test Site are all just over on the Las Vegas side of the Spring Mountains.  A little farther up the road near Reno is the Hawthorne Army Depot where lots and lots of munitions are stored and Fallon Naval Air Station.  In California there is Edwards AFB, China Lake Naval Weapons Center and Fort Irwin National Training Center. 

I was outside yesterday near sunset and spotted an unusual contrail. 
All the straight contrails seem normal enough; though this is a large number to see at once.  It's the one that curves around that got my attention.  It makes me think that the fun and games we are told will be in 10 days have already started.  Well, anyway, it was a nice sunset!

Have a good one.

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Missed those - nice