Friday, April 29, 2011

Ok, I admit it... I watched them

Thanks to the miracle of the DVR, my wife and I watched the Royal Wedding.  Skipped large parts, of course, but had to check it out.  All the ladies hats were a hoot; some were so outlandish as to make one wonder if they were glued on.  There were lots of military officers in the crowd of course but you hardly saw the same uniform twice.  Having different uniforms for different regiments at least makes for a colorful spectacle.  I'm thinking they needed about a month's output of Jaguars to get everyone to the church.  The commentators talked a lot about these kids being the new face of the monarchy; isn't that true of every generation?  At any rate, I wish them the best.  Being Royal can't be easy.

We are beset by the wind today; it's too windy to do much of anything outside.  The bird feeder emptied itself onto the ground without help from the birds.  It's so windy I can see the electric poles across the street moving in the wind.  Then tomorrow is forecast to be downright chilly.  April came in like a lion and it's going out the same way.  It's a good excuse for one more round of chili before summer comes. 

My chili has morphed into something that uses self-ground ancho and chili de arbol peppers; chipotle, maybe some beer or even tequila.  I bought the chuck roast today.  I dice it small and brown in small batches prior to adding tomato, peppers and liquids. And, yes, I add beans eventually; sometimes red beans, sometimes black, sometimes both.  If you think that removes it from being called chili, sorry, it's just the way I do it.  I like the texture and the taste that the beans bring to the dish. 

Gotta go.  Have a good one!

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