Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Not posting is fun!

I find I haven't posted since last Saturday.  Bad Don!  But I've been distracted.  I've been worrying about the President's birth certificate and it's just had me all tied up.  Finally the White House has released it so now I guess I can get on with blogging.  Jeez!  What a pile of crap! 

I'm sitting here watching a couple of quail walking around across the road.  I'm not sure if it's old man quail looking for a little nookie or if they are just looking for a snack.  It's much more interesting than the two 'newspapers' we received this a.m. 

The local paper is covered in grief because a year ago a local deputy sheriff was killed and they had a memorial for the guy.  It is sad certainly.  He seems to have been a nice guy and he had just returned from a tour in Afghanistan.  But being a cop is hazardous; is that news to anyone? 

The Las Vegas paper is all tied up in cuts being made to school funding.  I'm sorry folks but kids who want to learn will do so if there are 5 kids in their class or 50.  Kids who don't give a damn won't.  They are your kids, YOU make the difference not the teachers not the class size not even the curriculum.  Granted we would all like everything to be wonderful for our kids but if we aren't willing to pay for it, it's gotta change. 

My wife and I were talking about money the other night and we were wondering what our net worth was in 1990.  She was 40 and I was 42 at the time.  Our records are not up to the task of pinpointing our net worth but we can make some guesses.  We were living in Seattle in a house we bought for about $180K - putting 20% down would be $36K equity.  We had the duplex in Florida; equity in that would have been around $15K.  We had two cars; both paid for; an 83 Mazda and an 88 Bronco II.  I've always thought that a company matching 401k was like free money so we would have had at least $50-60K in our 401k accounts.  So I guess our net worth would have been in the $120K range.  Does that sound reasonable?  Doesn't sound like a lot in these days when advisers are saying you need a million to retire but 1990 WAS a long time ago.

1990 was the year I talked my wife into going to Europe.  She had never been so I figured a trip to England would be an easy introduction to another land.  It was a great choice!  Just having to deal with pounds and shillings challenged her.  Not to mention that American English isn't exactly what they speak over there, especially in Scotland and Wales.  We got one of those train tickets that lets you travel on any train to any place you wanted for a week.  We took a train from London up to Edinburgh then came back down through Carlyle into Wales and to Land's End and back to London.  We mostly stayed in hotels near the station; she didn't want to get too far from the train.  She had read the Poldark series of stories and knew a lot more about Cornwall than I did.  It was a great trip.

Please excuse the excursion into the past.  It's much more fun than talking about the deficits, illegal wars, illegal immigrants and all the rest of the wonderful world we have made.  Try to have a good one!

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