Sunday, July 24, 2011

Good to be home

We are still thrilled to be home.  Not that we didn't have a great trip but it's good to be home.  Here's a small photo I took with my phone the other day.
It is certainly warm; over 100F (38C) every day and only getting down to 80F (27C) in the evening.  Now we have a few days of humid weather with a 20% chance of rain.  Here in the desert you get so used to low humidity that you can smell the rain in the air.  It's a far cry from our days in Florida!

We have a quiet day planned for today; watch a bit more of the tv that was stored up for us while we were traveling and eat a few leftovers.  There is even the German GP on tv later this morning.  Tomorrow we go into Vegas; I have a follow-up appointment with the doctor who did the surgery on my left eye.  I'm sure we'll manage to spend a few bucks as well whether we need to or not.  There has been wild talk about some new bakeware if nothing else. 

Have a good one!


JoeinVegas said...

Wild talk about bakeware. Come on, it's Vegas - do something really wild!

Dan said...

Enjoy the heat. It normally is < 20% humidity here, but this month has seen relative humidifies up to 90%. Ugh.